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At MBODY healthcare we prescribe the highest standard of foot orthoses utilising the most advanced 3D scanning and manufacturing process’ available.

When we prescribe a custom foot orthoses our aim is to manipulate the forces being placed on the foot allowing the musculoskeletal system of the body to function within its optimal range. This means you continue to perform to the best of your ability for longer! We achieve this by using the latest technology allowing us to produce consistent, low bulk, functional foot orthoses which are unmatched on the comfort scale.

The quality of our orthosis is thanks to our partnership with Footwork Podiatric Laboratory in Melbourne. Footwork laboratory is a pioneer of producing individually prescribed orthoses using precision machining, allowing for levels of craftsmanship not possible with traditional techniques.

Research completed within our clinic and in the wider Podiatric world tells us everyone is anatomically and functionally different and therefore requires different orthotic considerations based on their movement patterns and chosen exercise types. Rob will conduct a comprehensive biomechanical screening to better understand your individual movement patterns and chosen exercise type ensuring the best possible orthotic outcome.

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