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The benefits of Pilates are many and our two Pilates instructors can assist you with any of the following: 

  • Increased core strength 
  • Increased flexibility 
  • Injury rehabilitation 
  • Low intensity workouts to compliment your high intensity sessions 
  • Recovery sessions 
  • Increased functional strength 
  • Improved strength and control for runners
  • Improved mobility and body awareness 
  • Reduction or prevention of lower back pain 

Our experienced Physiotherapist Jen will be able to create a tailored Pilates program for you, whether you are an experienced campaigner or have never tried it before. 

Jen offers either one on one or two on one clinical pilates sessions, utilising the reformer machine as well as matwork exercises where appropriate. 

Elle our brilliant matwork Pilates instructor offers full body group matwork classes - get ready to feel that burn! 

Email us at pilates@mbodyhealth.com.au to book a session today! 

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