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At MBODY Health Studio, we are proud to have Rob Parish as our Podiatrist.


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Rob has spent the last six years in private practice in Adelaide working in all facets of podiatry. Yet his real passion is in rehabilitation and helping active individuals return to sport and exercise pain free.

MBODY Health Studio provides Rob the ability to work closely with physios and personal trainers to achieve better results for his patients.

Rob treats all foot, ankle and lower leg pain, as well as providing advice on injury prevention and performance optimisation. Rob can assist by:

  • Analysing the way you walk and run and whether this places you at risk of injury.
  • Prescribing custom foot orthotics to relieve pain and improve function.
  • Selecting the right shoe for your individual needs.
  • Overseeing a customised rehabilitation program to return you to sport from injury as quickly as possible.
  • Prescribing a running program to meet your next goal
  • Providing advice on how to improve your athletic performance


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